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GIAC Limited specialises in the development and delivery of accredited intelligence, communications, data, analytical training and IBM i2 Analyst Notebook. The company also provides specialised analytical consultancy in relation to your organisational, company and individual needs.

At Global Intelligence Analysis Consultancy (GIAC) Limited our aim is to deliver comprehensive training relating to the client and students identified needs. To assist in developing your organisation or company through engagement and consultancy we will identify opportunities to enhance your capability. GIAC Ltd provide training that is current and in line with the Intelligence Professionalisation Programme (IPP) International and National Occupational Standards Providing consultancy and courses in both the public and private sector. Offering a wide range of associate professionals to assist in the development and delivery of your training needs. Our consultancy service has the ability to undertake analysis for your organisation or company against your specific requirements. With over 30 years experience of working within law enforcement, extends across analysis and intelligence at National, Regional and Force levels. The associates unique experiences enable them to understand the complex needs of your organisations in ensuring that your staff can undertake complex and informed assessment to assist managers to make informed decisions. We are able to undertake specific requests to deliver analytical assessment that you have identified to support your organisation, company or individual needs. Using our experience the analysis provided will inform your decision making.

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We specialise in the development and delivery of intelligence and analytical programmes.

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We develop and deliver quality accredited strategic cyber intelligence & analytical training courses.


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