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GIAC Ltd specialise in the development and delivery of intelligence, communications, analytical training courses and IBM i2 Analyst Notebook. We provide specialised analytical consultancy in relation to your organisational and company needs.

Our aim is to develop bespoke training courses that provide, you, the client with training that will enhance and develop your staff to undertake intelligence and analytical assessment of complex information and data. As part of our bespoke training, we are able to develop specific scenarios that meet your organisational and company requirements. All our courses incorporate current legislation governing data request, review and retention laws.

We provide a full OL&D package including continued quality assurance as part of legacy and student learning. This unique service is covered within the agreed course delivery costs and is optional if requested. All our trainers currently hold ‘Security Clearance’ (SC) vetting and have worked for several years in highly sensitive roles so understand the rules relating to the management of sensitive data.

We have a fully inclusive training policy that enables us to deliver and endeavour in all instances to meet the training needs of our students, if practical and informed prior to course delivery. We also ask that the organisation/ company provide their code of ethics upon booking so we can ensure that all our courses comply and all students can be reminded of their obligations during the training delivery.

Our Consultancy service is designed to work with your organisation, company or individual needs in relation to identified problems. Our extensive experience can undertake analytical assessment and provide informed assessment that will allow you to move forward in your decision making. This consultancy can be with regards organisational and company development, corporate or individual legal proceedings, design and delivery of bespoke intelligence and analytical training.

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Who we are

With over 30 years experience of law enforcement working in strategic and operational analysis our trainers are able to provide the quality training your business requires.
Simon Butterworth

Simon Butterworth

Chief Executive (Founder)

Simon has worked in intelligence and analysis for over 30 years at International, National, Regional, Force and Community levels, as a highly-experienced intelligence analyst. Simon has held roles as a National Senior Analyst for Counter Terrorism, Senior Intelligence Analyst at NWCTU,  Senior Analyst Bolton Community Partnership Team and Intelligence Analyst for Greater Manchester Police.

Nick Snaith

Nick Snaith

Law Enforcement Professional


Nick Snaith is a highly experienced law enforcement professional with over 20 years of experience in various police forces, specialising in serious crime units, professional standards, counterterrorism, and regional organised crime teams. He has extensive expertise in the conduct and training of investigation skills, intelligence skills, and legal compliance.

Sharon Connally

Sharon Connally

Intelligence and Analytical Professional

Sharon is an experienced and skilled intelligence and analytical professional with 38 years of service with Greater Manchester Police.  She has extensive experience in training intelligence professionals in the methodology and techniques of research and analytical capability, at local, regional, national, and international levels.

Greg MacKay-Lear, FCMI BA (Hons)

Greg MacKay-Lear, FCMI BA (Hons)

Cyber Security Programme Manager


Greg is a former UK police officer with a strong background in strategic, tactical, and operational risk intelligence management. He spent his 16-year policing career developing an international reputation in the command of high-risk operations, leadership development and training, performance, and international police development. He left the police service in 2014 and is now a Cyber Security Programme Manager assisting government, defence, and financial sector clients to design, develop and deliver next-generation capabilities to protect and secure their businesses.

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We develop and deliver quality accredited strategic intelligence & analytical training courses.       


Find out who we’ve helped over the years to improve their knowledge through our strategic training courses.

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